Beberlis | Quality
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In beberlis, we care about children’s growth and we know that proper fit is a main concern to foot health. Therefore we develope our shoes keeping these concerns in mind to assure comfort and safety because they are the main ingredients for the perfect shoe, especially if they come in lots of colours and styles.

As a children’s footwear company, correct growth of children’s feet is our most important objective. Thus, we make our shoes with natural leather and we use high quality materials and glue so that the shoes can be safe and furthermore can easily adapt to the children’s feet correctly

In addition, the quality and comfortability don’t have to be compromised with a good design and that’s why we design our shoes following the most current fashion trends and styles.

To guarantee all these, our production is integrated with our installation to ensure rigorous quality control and for that we can confirm that our products offer all the guarantees of a shoe MADE IN SPAIN.